As golf photographer & Marketing Manager in golf i walk every day on a golf course. But most of the time i work from in a small dutch town called Spijk at The Dutch, a inland links golf course designed by Colin Montgomerie. I thought it would be nice to share some images with you, for those who are interested from my daily camera the Fujifilm X100V. I try to get the best result straight out of the camera. Maybe just a crop and a small tweak but i try not to. Enjoy! - Edwin Vermaas

Hole 9 - The Dutch

Normally for clients i shoot with Canon. I was looking for a third camera during events (and for every day use). During golf tournaments editorial offices mostly want instantly images for social media. With the normal EOS images it takes a hour minimal before im back at the press center, do the Lightroom magic and upload them again. Fun but stressful with a plate on your lap.

With the X100V i hope i can shoot some images on the fly from a more unique perspective and send them directly during my time out on the course.


Victorian style clubhouse and practice facilities

Daily at The Dutch i see a lot of nice moments which are worth to capture. I don't have my Canon EOS camera's with me all the time, just when needed. The slim body and the fixed 35mm lens makes the X100V an easy to use camera and to put it in my laptop bag.

The fixed 35mm is a focal length i don't like and for the sport golf it is maybe not so good for every day use. But i set myself the challenge to see what i can do and what i can learn.

So everything on this page is an experiment. All images are protected by copyright. Fuji Recipes on this page can be use freely.

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